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Our Mission 

CLTBSA is dedicated to supporting new and expecting parents and caregivers by providing free resources, programs, and hosting free events. We believe that every caregiver and family deserves to have the knowledge, resources, and support they need to raise healthy and happy children. We strive to create a safe and inclusive space for all, regardless of their background or circumstances, where they can access information, connect with other caregivers, and build a strong support network. Our goal is to empower families to confidently navigate the challenges of infanthood and ensure that every child comes into the world with everything they need to thrive.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a community where every new and expecting parent/caregiver has
access to the resources, support, and education they need to confidently navigate the first couple of years of a child's life.

Meet The Team

Meet the humans behind CLT BSA!

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